Bolstering Our Faith Through Shared Stories

     Rahab lived in Jericho at the time the Israelites crossed the Jordan River to occupy the Promised Land. Those who have studied the Old Testament of the Bible will know she hid the two men Joshua sent to scout out the territory he and the Israeli military force would attempt to conquer.

     Although the town and its inhabitants were destroyed by the advancing army, Rahab and her family were saved because she protected the spies.

     Why did she protect them? Because she had heard about their God. Stories of how He had parted the Red Sea to hasten their escape from Egypt. Stories of how He destroyed the Amorite kings who came against them on their journey to the Promised Land.

     Because of these stories Rahab developed the fear of God and understood that He is “God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath.”

     Although Rahab had only heard of the great acts God had done, she believed. Like Rahab, our faith can grow strong through shared experience. When others testify to the mighty works of God, we all benefit.

     A few years ago, a group of ladies from my church banded together to help a friend prepare her house to sell. It was imperative that she move out of our rural mountain town to a city where she would have better access to healthcare and other much needed amenities.

     We had yard sales, hauled discarded items to the dump, worked on the yard and scrubbed the house. And when it was ready to sell in late fall, she contacted a local realtor who told her because she was selling “as is” it would be difficult for buyers to get a loan to purchase the property. Therefore, the house would probably remain on the market throughout the winter. This was devasting news for my friend who had purchased a small, modular house in her new home town.

     But God moved mightily and within a week she received a cash offer for the full asking price of her home.

     This is not my personal story, but I remember it whenever I am up against a hard situation.

Through shared stories, not just my personal experiences, I gain a greater understanding of God.

We not only come to know God as we share stories in real time, but also we grow in wisdom through the Biblical stories that are shared.

God revealed His names to humanity through individuals such as Moses, Hagar, and Gideon. All who encountered Him in this special way came to know Him better and because they have shared their stories so do we.

Moses came to know God as “I AM” when he was told to ask Pharoah to release the Israelites from their bondage in Egypt. When Moses doubted his ability to complete the task, God revealed “I AM whatever you need.”

When Hagar was distressed by the treatment she received from her mistress Sarai, she ran away. Forsaken and alone, she met El Roi, the God who can look deep into our heart and see all our struggles.

Gideon met Yahweh Shalom (peace) while hiding from his enemies in a winepress. All of Israel lived in fear. But God revealed their peace was not in their circumstances but in Him.

I am a collector of God stories that bolster my faith. The ones I experience, the ones my friends tell, those I read in articles and blogs, or are relayed via social media.

Join me as a collector. But don’t keep these stories to yourself. Be sure to tell them.

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