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Susan Cort Johnson

You could call me around 5 a.m. PT and I would be up. Although most likely I would not answer the phone, for I would be having a conversation with God.

 That’s what I like to do first each morning… and drink coffee.

Although conversations with God don’t end when I finish my coffee, but continue throughout the day, people are included in the discourse. I like a good conversation. Especially about the meaning and application of God’s Word. I hope you will have meaningful discussion with me on this blog.

Just so you know a little about the person you are interacting with:

I am married to a pastor, Terry, who teaches verse-by-verse  through the Bible at Calvary Chapel Westwood. We serve in a rural area, in the mountains of Northeastern California. One of my favorite roles in the church is facilitator in the Women’s Bible Study where we share openly and discuss the passages covered that week.

Blogging is one way I write. Also, I write articles and essays. Currently I am working on a book.