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Have you ever stopped to consider your ways?
I do this consistently, inspired by a teaching on Proverbs 3:6 at a conference I attended a few years ago.

This short verse is embedded in my heart, “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” [ESV]

This verse prompts me to take note of my ways. Some good, some not. I can be compassionate, empathetic, and helpful or frustrated, impatient, and fearful.

As I become aware of my ways, the Holy Spirit works His transformation. He chisels away rough spots like a sculptor shaping stone. He molds me, like clay on a potter’s wheel. With broad brush strokes He paints the canvas of my soul. He is creating the masterpiece envisioned when He formed me.

And now I share the exploration of my ways and invite you to explore your ways as well in this great, artistic endeavor. My prayer is that God’s ways become our ways.