Making Time for Mastery of God’s Word

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     I like quick results. But I am learning that most often, good results require time. We must make time, use the allotted time efficiently, and persevere until we accomplish the end goal.

     Years ago I made note in a little booklet, where I write information I want to remember, that 10,000 hours of really hard work are required for mastery of anything. Sometimes it takes twice that.

     I think of this as I consider elements of Christianity. Stewardship, holiness, servanthood, righteousness, faithfulness, godliness, agape… If I was to sit down and write about these concepts from a Biblical perspective how much could I write? Could you write a good definition and expound on what it looks like when implemented, finding examples in your life?

     Just as the purchase of an instrument such as a violin is the first step to securing a seat in the orchestra, our spiritual birth is the first step into the Kingdom of God. We are equipped by the Holy Spirit for insight, but there is a learning curve. Therefore, I am working at prioritizing the study of God’s Word.

     By this I mean planning for the study of a concept for mastery. That would include making time, considering how to use that time efficiently in a way I can reap the most benefit, and persevering in the endeavor.

     2 Timothy 2:15—“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” ESV

     I do not live in drought. I love to sit with God’s Word early in the morning with my cup of coffee, attend church and absorb the wisdom my pastor gleaned as he prepared his teaching, and participate in a weekly women’s Bible study (currently the study is on the book of Ephesians). A new endeavor is meditating on a Scripture for one week.

     Yet frequently God uses physical examples to get across a lesson in the spiritual realm. That happened recently. It came about as my husband and I sand our backyard deck so we can stain it before winter. The job has been haphazard without much discipline, but fall is here and living in the mountains we know the window for such projects is closing.

     Therefore, we are scheduling time for sanding and during that time concentrating on a section to complete. If we have a half hour, we do a little, and if an hour or two is allotted we do more. Some call these bites of the elephant. But they are purposeful, orchestrated bites. A plan with an end goal. With jobs like the deck, I am not aiming for mastery but completion. A job well done.

     But with God’s Word I want mastery, to understand His ways so I might walk in them and represent Him correctly to those who do not know Him. Also, to interact with other members of the body of Christ in a way that glorifies Him. Therefore, it is essential to understand such concepts as agape.

What is required for mastery? Not exactly sure but, using the analogy of the violinist, I want first chair in the Vienna Philharmonic or London Symphony so I will consider the 10,000-hour concept. This will require reexamining my priorities.

None of us ever seem to have enough time. That means we must make time. It may look different from week to week as we look over our schedule to see what is required of us. But I have begun. My first Christian concept is godliness. I hope you too will join me by choosing a concept to master and creating a plan for mastery.

Let’s Talk:

1-In what areas of your Christian walk do you need more knowledge? Select one for mastery and post it in the comment section so we might pray for you.

2-How do you go about making time for something that is important to you? Please share your ideas so that we might all benefit from your insights.

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  1. Susan, Love this. I love spending time reading and studying and pray for wisdom when I am sharing Jesus with others. When something is important to me I find a place for it in my calendar and schedule it in. This may mean cutting something else out to make more time or may be getting up earlier.

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