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I just learned that someone I know was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. A diagnosis that prompts a person to contemplate mortality is not foreign to me. I have passed through those waters. Therefore, I plan to tell her how God sustained me; write down the scriptures I prayed; explain how I knew He had kept His promise to be with me. [Isaiah 43:2]

When we share our stories, faith grows because others gain a greater understanding of God Almighty. God is so vast it is difficult to find words to describe Him, to explain His great care. Yet no matter how inadequate our efforts it is good to try because God wants us to.

Psalm 78:5-7
He planted a witness in Jacob,
set his Word firmly in Israel,
Then commanded our parents
to teach it to their children
6 So the next generation would know,
and all the generations to come —
Know the truth and tell the stories
so their children 7 can trust in God,
Never forget the works of God
but keep his commands to the letter. [The Message]

Telling others what God has done has never been easier. Entire books are written about the marvelous work God did in a writer’s life.

For example, I came across “Life Can be Good Again, Putting Your World Back Together After it all Falls Apart” by Lisa Appelo during her book launch. In it she shares the biblical insight God gave her following the sudden death of her husband, which left her a young widow with seven children. The book isn’t just for widows, but for those who have experienced a massive change in their circumstances and must find firm footing, the means to not just cope but thrive.

Also, we have social media. Many Christians are opposed to interacting on such sites as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter but I see great opportunity. Not only can we post about “the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders [Psalm 78:4 NLT],” we can share what others post and respond to their messages with our own scripture-based insight adding to the wisdom and understanding that might be gleaned.

I am not inclined to comment with hearts, praying hands, or a big thumb pointed upward or another emoji to indicate an emotion. Only when the Holy Spirit gives me a word that will add depth do I respond. Something that will make the conversation more meaningful because social media is meant for interaction.

 Not only do I write blogs, but I also read blogs. One of my favorite websites is Another good website, in my opinion, is which offers daily devotions inspired by scripture. Both these sites have Bible studies.

  And Bible studies are another way to share our stories. The chapters and books of the Bible create the theme, but the author helps us apply the lessons by using illustrations from his or her life. Personal stories of biblical application. Group study builds on these stories as participants discuss their answers.

Whether you share your story in a letter, on Facebook, or during a Bible study I hope you will not hold back. Take advantage of all the amazing ways modern society has provided a megaphone to tell people about God and why He is worthy of our praise.

Let’s Talk

1-What personal story can you share that has brought you into a more intimate relationship with God? Perhaps a way He showed you His love, or helped you understand why He is your refuge.

2-How do you use the various storytelling tools we have available in modern society to bring God glory?


1-Passages from THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson.

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