The Tone of the Day

My toaster is broken. The coils on the right side of the slots for bread and bagels
work, but not on the left side. So, I must flip the bread once it pops and push
the lever down a second time.

Early each morning, I like to nibble a hot piece of toast with my coffee as I read
and contemplate Scripture. Yet now, since the coils only light up on one side at
a time, half of my toast is cold.

I found a Dallas Cowboy toaster in the garage, which is “team” blue and
designed to burn a star (team emblem) on the side of the toast. It seemed
an easy fix, but I just can’t get it regulated therefore it fills the kitchen with
smoke as it burns the bread, which pops blackened.

In a conversation with my husband, the Dallas Cowboy fan, I showed my
disdain for the whole situation with a comment about the “stupid” toaster.
As the word formed on my tongue and slipped past my lips, I realized I
had chosen to describe the toaster in a derogatory term to show my

Will burned toast set the tone for the day? Prompt me to walk the path
of discontentment?

Luke 6:45c: “What you say flows from what is in your heart.” NLT

The day did not start as I expected. There was a tiny glitch in my routine.
No toast. So, my spirit was downcast. I had my coffee, my Bible, the
promise of good weather and I let my disappointment spoil my time with
the Lord. If I let it set the tone for the day, this attitude would permeate
all I did.

Sometimes God gives a big lesson in a small way. An opportunity to
change a behavior before it takes root. And this day the Holy Spirit
caught my attention as the word “stupid” escaped my lips revealing
my discontented heart. I could address this attitude at first warning
or ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit and continue to grumble
over little things, then big things, until this was my pattern of
behavior. Since God disciplines His children out of love, we know
the lessons can get quite intense if we refuse to listen and turn back.

As I researched discontentment, I discovered it was a practice of the
ungodly (Jude 16a). One pastor wrote in a column posted on the
Internet that it was a “manifestation of pride.” Basically, I thought
I deserved better than God allowed.1 “Burned toast? Come on! All
I am asking is for one, golden brown crunchy slice of toast to start
my day.”

There is so much that can cause discontentment. We can become
dissatisfied with our home, neighborhood, city, or state in which we
live. We can resent the job we must do to pay bills, the responsibilities
we have, our ministries.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss noted that discontentment robs us of joy. Also,
it causes the consciousness of God’s presence to flee from us. It
can lead to discouragement, depression, and despair. She called this
the fruit of an ungrateful heart.2

Suddenly I am grateful to God for his direction, turning me from the
path of discontentment before I had traveled too far. Grabbing my
attention with a burnt piece of toast, something small. This attitude
was ready to consume my day. First the toast, then the blouse I want
to wear will be in the hamper, I will have too many meetings, nothing
in the house for lunch, no ink in the printer… If not addressed, it would
reappear the following day. Then the next. And soon discontentment
would set the tone for my life.

Contemplate Your Ways:

1-How has God given you opportunity to change your behavior before
ungodly attitudes take root? What small conviction of the Holy Spirit
stopped you in your tracks and caused you to go a different direction?

2-Do you ever grumble? If you do, search for a list of Scriptures that
address your discontent and walk in them.

References:, “The Three Sins Behind Your Discontent”
by Colin Smith. Posted June 28, 2017., “Cultivating a Contented Heart, podcast with
Nancy Leigh DeMoss. June 25, 2014.

Note: In July, my focus will be on attitudes (godly and ungodly). Do you have
one that you would like me to address? Leave me a note in the
comment section.

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